Who We Are

Nestled among the rolling hills of North Central Texas is a 38-acre haven for abused and abandoned dogs.  As close to heaven as they will ever be this side of the Rainbow Bridge is a special place known as:

Animal Angels

Some of them were lucky enough to be picked up on the side of the road, where they had been abandoned, wandering aimlessly, bewildered and wondering why their special person  had left them there alone.  Some were rescued from abusive situations, to be given a second chance at a normal life.  Still more were injured or handicapped in some way, and others had various medical problems.  Countless others had been thrown out or sucked out of the beds of pickup trucks.  Many more were merely part of an unwanted litter, discarded like trash, on the side of a road.  Of course, some have lost their beloved owners to ill health or death, or financial difficulties, and have no place to go.  Many are in their golden years of life, needing only a secure place to call home, where the love is unconditional and supper is always on time.

Meet the Team

Meet Carole Sanders

caroleI was born in Fort Worth, Texas and have lived in Texas all my life and will most likely die here.  My love for animals began early in life.  My Uncle Lee & Aunt Mae gave me my first dog, a magnificent Dalmatian I named, what else, "Pepper".  This great dog was my constant companion till I was thirteen.  He taught me how to love.

I was a Flight Attendant for American Airlines for 40 years.  I was fortunate enough to be able to retire in November of 2001.  My salary as a Flight Attendant was the main source of funding for ANIMAL ANGELS in the early years.  Now that I've retired, my pension and my SS now make up the difference when donations fall off but we are extremely fortunate to have many generous donors that believe in what we do and continue to support our efforts on behalf of the animals.  I absolutely loved flying and I can't imagine having done anything else.  How many people are fortunate to do something they absolutely love and get paid for it?  I do miss it but now, I've moved into the next phase of my life.   Now I get to spend 24/7/365 with the animals which I also love more than anything in the world.  Guess I'll never really retire and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The last few years has seen us continue to grow and offer help to many animals that otherwise wouldn't be here now.  We've found homes for the lucky ones who were adoptable and been able to better provide for those that are here for the long haul.  Although we don't think there's an animal here that isn't adoptable, the truth is, some would not do well in a family.  There is a place for some of these dogs though.  Recently, we've placed one female Black Lab with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and one male Lab/Mastiff X with a local police department.  We think it's wonderful when an animal that needs to work can make such a noble contribution to the welfare of our country.

It looks like we're going to be around for a long time.  Thanks to all of our wonderful friends we will keep on keeping on, making a difference in the lives of the animals and sometimes human lives too.   We welcome your help and invite those that can to come visit.

Meet Elizabeth Kelley

beth_meet_bethI was born in an army brat in Kentucky and then my family soon went home to upstate New York. I was the first born child and a little girl.  My mother and grandmother couldn’t have been any happier.  It didn’t take long for them to realize that I was not a typical little girl.  I spent my days playing in the mud and bringing any creature I could catch in the house to show my great find.

I continued bringing home creatures such as snakes, raccoons, and even a horse that was loose in the field one day.  I begged my mother to let me keep her but she insisted we look for the owner.  Needless to say they came and got that grey mare but I got my own the very next Christmas.

When I was around 10 we moved to Nantucket Island and that’s when the real rescue work began.  I would go to the beach and gather up poor sea creatures that had been washed ashore.  Eventually I joined the whale rescue team and would go out to help the beached whales.

I started out in animal care when I was just a teenager.  Since then a lot of things have happened and changed.  I worked my up from being an animal care technician to the manager of animal care at the Humane Society of Wayne County where I worked for another 7 years.  While there I also took on the position as the animal control officer for the town I lived in.   
I have worked in all aspects of animal care and control from rescue to cruelty investigations, public education to management in a no kill animal shelter.

So year’s gone bye and three beautiful children later, here I am at the grass roots heart of it all, Animal Angels.   My husband and kids help with the daily chores and are the backbone of my dreams.  My family is the support that keeps me going every day.  My kids help with the dog training and socialization of the dogs and they scoop poop like no one’s business.   It has been a great journey but I have finally landed where I intend to raise my children and continue to help the animals that so desperately need our love and understanding.